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Sarawak Brief Introduction


Sarawak is the largest state in the Federation of Malaysia, situated on the North-West part of the Island of Borneo. She has an area of 124,449.5 sq. km and is popularly known as the “Land of the Hornbill”.

The racial compositions of Sarawak are Iban, Chinese, Bidayuh, Malay, Melanau and 22 other minor ethnic groups. The total population is 2.636 million by 2015 with Ibans forming 30% of the population, Malays 24.4% and Chinese 24.2%.

Sarawak has very rich natural resources including oil, natural gas, timber, minerals and marine resources.  She has huge hydro-power potentials and very fertile soils.  These resources are still waiting to be fully taped and developed.  These offer great potentials for industrial development, especially in the fields of timber-based industries, natural gas related industries, petrol-chemicals, electronics and high-tech industries, agro-based industries, non-metal industries, ship building and ship repairs industries, tourism industries.

Sarawak has set up 21 industrial estates, they are:-



Industrial Estate


 1.  Kuching  Sama Jaya Free Industrial Zone  Hi-tech with emphasis on Electrical &  Electronics
 Pending Industrial Estate  Mixed Light Industries
 Demak Laut Industrial Park  Mixed Light & Medium Industries
 2.  Samarahan  Kota Samarahan Industrial  Estate  Mixed Light Industries
 3.  Mukah  Tanjung Manis Halal-Hub  Halal-Hub Industries
 Tanjung Manis Processing Zone  Timber Based Industries, Shipbuilding  and Repairing Industries
 Mukah Light Industrial Estate  Mixed Light Industries
 4.  Sarikei  Sarikei Light Industrial Estate  Mixed Light Industries
 5.  Kapit  Kapit Light Industrial Estate  Mixed Light Industries
 6.  Miri  Piasau Industrial Estate  Mixed Light Industries
 Kuala Baram Industrial Estate  Timber, Ship-building and other Mixed  Light & Medium Industries
 7.  Sibu  Upper Lanang Industrial Estate  Mixed Light Industries
 Rantau Panjang Industrial Zone  Ship-building & Repairing
 8.  Bintulu  Kidurong Light Industrial Estate  Light Industries
 Kemena Industrial Estate  Timber-based Industries
 Bintulu Light Industrial Estate  Light Industries
 Kidurong Industrial Area  Petrochemical Industries
 Jepak Industrial Estate  Wood-based Industry & Shipyard
 Similaju Industrial Estate  Heavy & Energy Intensive Industries
 Sebauh Industrial Estate  Light Industries
9.  Serian  Tebedu Industrial Estate  General industries


More industrial estates and industrial parks are being planned and would be set up in the near future to speed up the industrial development of Sarawak.

Sarawak’s GDP for 2015 is RM106.063 billion.