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The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sarawak
(ACCCIS) is the parent organisation of the Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the state of Sarawak. It has 23 constituent chambers located separately in twelve divisions of the State. In fact it is the only chamber of commerce that has full regional representation in Sarawak.

The ACCCIS was founded in 1965 as a society under Malaysian Societies Act. Under the voluntary system of Chambers of Commerce in Malaysia, the ACCCIS is an autonomous private sector organisation that virtually represents about 5,000 Chinese Malaysian companies, individuals and trade associations in particular and Chinese business community in general in Sarawak.

The representational, consultative and servicing functions of the ACCCIS have been widely acknowledged. It maintains close rapport and consultation with the Government and its agencies on a wide spectrum of subject affecting all sectors of the economy. It constantly formulates views and proposals on behalf of members to respond to policies, measures and implementation exercises of the Government. As the ACCCIS is an organisation that brings together diversified interests of the business community, including wholesale and retail sectors, foreign trade sector, industrial sector, services as well as the primary sector of economy, it endeavors to reconcile divergent view points and economic interests to the advantage of all.

As central decisions concerning economic policy and the like are taken up at national level, the ACCCIS works in close co-operation with The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM), of which ACCCIS is one of the 17 constituent chambers.