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Posted on 3月 2, 2019 in 活动看板

Press Statement on Cancellation of the direct flight between Kuching and Shenzhen


The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sarawak (ACCCIS) would like to express its big disappointment over AirAsia’s decision to cancel the direct flight between Kuching and Shenzhen with effect from 28 February 2019. The decision will bring much inconvenience to the travellers of this sector and indeed, it would be a major setback for tourism development for Sarawak in general and Kuching in particular.

While profitability is certainly a consideration in any commercial operation, ACCCIS failed to comprehend that AirAsia has chosen to halt this direct flight despite the fact that it was reported that the flights over the past few months had registered an average passenger load of over 70 percent in addition to other incentives provided by the Sarawak Government.

Accordingly, ACCCIS fervently hope that AirAsia could reconsider and reverse its decision by allowing the said flight to continue in the interest of the travellers as well as to play your pivotal role as a key industry player in the development of tourism for Sarawak.

ACCCIS opined that due to the limited number of international flights we have in Sarawak, we could not emphasize enough by words the importance of this direct flight to Sarawak. The alternative arrangement of a “fly-thru” flight put in place by AirAsia is time consuming and would unlikely be a favourite option of the consumers at large.