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Posted on 10月 19, 2019 in 活动看板


HRDF CEO Engagement Dinner

Mr. Ho Siew Hua (2nd from left) and Mr. Lai Chau Liong (middle)

本会理事何修华及赖招良代表砂中总出席由人力资源发展有限公司(HRDF)于2019年10月17日假古晋希尔顿酒店举办之晚餐交流会。此项活动乃与该公司执行长Mr. Elanjelian Venugopal共进晚餐,并针对其主题“为未来准备人才:业界的角色”对话交流。该公司希望通过此项活动,收集业界的重要信息,了解并预测工业对未来人才的需求数量。

ACCCIS council members Mr. Ho Siew Hua and Mr. Lai Chau Liong attended HRDF CEO Engagement Dinner titled: “Preparing Talent for the Future: The Role of the Industry” at Hilton Hotel, Kuching on 17th October 2019.

HRDF CEO Mr. Elanjelian Venugopal said that the event serves as a platform for an open dialogue between HRDF and industry players. HRDF hopes to work hand-in-glove with stakeholders to gather vital information, enabling them to forecast talent requirements for the industry especially for the benefits of the people in Sarawak.